Starting a game: Shuffle the draw pile, deal each player 5 cards and a Sad Panda token.

The youngest player becomes the first VIP.

1). Draw back up to a 5 card hand.

2). Everyone except the VIP plays their cards face down on the table, shuffle when all players have placed.

3). The VIP lays all cards out in front of them and judges them least to most liked, zero being least liked. At any time a player can call Sad Panda and forfeit their Sad Panda token to replace one of their cards on the table with one from their hand or from the top of the

draw pile.

4). Players get the score tokens from their respective cards. The VIP discards the cards on the table and the person to their left becomes the next VIP.

Game end: The game is over once everyone has had a turn being the VIP. Tally your scores and the player with the highest score wins! Players who still have their Sad Panda token win ties.

Anti-Panda: Become the Anti-Panda by getting three tokens worth 0 points. This will earn you 9 points and can potentially affect the outcome of the game.